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Hometown Kennels & Grooming , Princeton, ON

  A Home Away From Home for your Four Legged Family Members

Serving the Woodstock, On, ,Princeton, ON, and surrounding areas

Boarding Kennel Services

We have 12 indoor/outdoor boarding kennels available, so your dog is able to enjoy both the indoors and out, in their own private area (weather permitting). The indoor kennels all have privacy walls between the runs, to ensure peace, privacy and cleanliness. The boarding kennels are cleaned and sanitized daily.

The kennels are equipped with RO Water systems, to help with any tummy update due to the change of water from home to the kennels.

We provide 5 daily outdoor supervised times for your pet per day. Your pet can be walked on a leash in our fenced area, or run leash free in our fenced in area. Its the owner's preference

Bring your dogs regular food, any regular treats, favorite blanket (it will have your homes scent on it), and favorite toy. We will supply stainless steel water, and food dishes, that are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Bringing your dogs regular food will avoid any tummy upset due to a change in diet.

Its always a good idea to send a extra day or two of food incase of travel delays, and adjustments of pick up times/dates.

We are able to administer vet prescribed oral medications to your pet. Please bring the medication in the original containers, with full instructions, as well as anything used to administer the oral medications IE: pill pockets/cheese

We are centrally located to Woodstock ON, Drumbo ON, Princeton ON, Burford ON, Norwich ON, and Innerkip ON.


$26.00/night per dog plus HST

$46.00/night for two dogs of the same family in the same run

per night fees are based on a 24 hour period. Anything over 24 hours is charged a additional day rate

Example: drop off at 10am on a Monday, and pick up on a Friday at 1pm, would be charged 5 days.


- administer of oral medications with pill pockets, in food dish,, wieners, or cheese

- flexible check-in and check-out times by reservation, and within operating hours

- kennel treats as allowed by owners

- flexible feeding schedule

- private exercise times

Documentation of current up to date vaccinations.........

Rabies, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo), and Bordetellais (kennel cough) are required before check in.

Vaccination documentation can be sent to Hometown by text (519-536-0954), or email [email protected]

Kennel Cough is an additional vaccination that your vet is able to provide upon your request

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for boarding during none peak times (see policies) or one (1) nights stay will be billed.  The cancellation fee for peak times is 3 nights stay. (peak times are listed below)

*minimum 3 day boarding/cancellation fee for holidays and long weekends regardless of the length of stay - New Years Day - Family Day - March Break week & both weekends - Good Friday - Easter Monday - Victoria Day - Canada Day - Civic Holiday - Labour Day - Truth & Reconciliation Day - Thanksgiving - Remembrance Day - the week of Christmas Day & Boxing Day

*day care services are suspended during specific holidays listed: New Years Day - Family Day - March Break week & both weekends - Good Friday - Easter Monday - Victoria Day - Canada Day - Civic Holiday - Labour Day - Trut‚Äčh & Reconciliation Day -Thanksgiving - Remembrance Day - the week of Christmas Day & Boxing Day